Top Up Prepaid Card and Use for Purchasing/Spending

Good to know: Minimum Top up amount is 10 USD
1) Top up Prepaid Card
When you top up the prepaid card, the assets will be deduced only from your main market asset.
Users can change their network or main asset of the switched network to use crypto in the asset for top up prepaid card.
You need to pay a monthly fee before starting top up for the networks which you are going to use for top up.
You have to deposit enough assets for top up, because there is a 5% slippage setting for compensation of price tolerance and also considering the fee is added on the top up transaction.
Please refer Cash Back and Fees to get more detailed information about fees.
2) Purchase using Prepaid card
You can use your prepaid card at any shop where a Visa card is supported with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.