Card Command View

1) Card Details Easily access your card information at your fingertips! With just a few clicks, users can retrieve important details such as their card holder's name, card number, expiration time, and cvv through the designated menu. Never worry about forgetting your card details again!

2) Pay Monthly Fee Now This menu is only displayed if the user has not yet paid their monthly fee. Normally, the monthly fee is automatically deducted once a day from the backend thread. However, if a user wants to use their card immediately and needs to pay the fee, they can request a direct payment to the thread using this menu.

3) Card Action History With the Card Action History menu, users can access a comprehensive list of all their card and blockchain transactions, including deposits, withdrawals, top-ups, purchases, market settings, and monthly fee payments. This menu provides a clear and detailed overview of all the user's activities related to their Okse debit card, ensuring transparency and easy tracking of their spending and balance.

4) Freeze Card If a user wants to pause their card usage, they can freeze their card from this menu. This will stop the monthly fee payment and the user won't be able to make purchases or top up their prepaid card. However, the user can unfreeze their card at any time when they want to use it again. It's worth noting that this function is currently in development stage for Prepaid Card.

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