Card Command View

1) Card Details user can get card information from this menu (card holder's name, card number, expire time, cvv)
2) Pay Monthly Fee Now This menu will be showed only when user didn't pay monthly fee yet. Normally monthly fee is paid automatically from backend thread, but it runs once in a day. If user want to pay monthly fee and he want to use card just now, then he can request monthly payment to the thread directly using this menu.
3) Card Action History User can see all card transactions and blockchain transactions from this menu. (Deposit, Withdraw, Top Up, Buy Goods, Setting of Main Market, Pay Monthly Fee)
4) Freeze Card user can freeze his card if he want to pause card usage. Then the monthly fee payment will be stopped and he can't use his debit card for purchasing of goods and can't top up his prepaid card. User can unfreeze his card at any time when he want to use his card again. This function is in development stage for Prepaid Card.