What is Okse Wallet & Card?

Okse Wallet is a cutting-edge decentralized finance system designed to revolutionize the way people interact with their finances with Apple Pay and Google Pay. By eliminating third parties, Okse Wallet aims to empower users with complete control over their funds, while remaining fully regulated and AML compliant.

Surprisingly, many individuals with internet-enabled cell phones still lack access to conventional banking services. Okse Wallet strives to address this issue by providing a reliable and secure financial system that caters to the 1.7 billion people who remain underserved by traditional financial institutions.

The benefits of decentralization extend beyond accessibility, offering increased stability and control for users over their crypto assets. This is particularly important considering the following statistics:

  • Over $3 billion has been lost since 2013 due to hacks on centralized exchanges.

  • Credit card fraud accounted for a staggering $3.3 billion in losses in 2020 alone.

  • Identity theft reports rose by 113% between 2019 and 2020.

By leveraging the power of decentralization, Okse Wallet aims to mitigate these risks and provide users with a secure and transparent platform for managing their finances. With a focus on inclusivity and accessibility, Okse Wallet is committed to transforming the financial landscape and making it available to everyone with an internet-connected cell phone.

Spend your crypto instantly

Looking for the easiest and quickest way to spend your cryptocurrency worldwide? Look no further than our decentralized Visa card! With instant access to your funds, you can spend your crypto instantly wherever Visa is accepted.

Our Visa card is decentralized funded, which means you have complete control over your funds without any third-party intermediaries. Whether you're making a purchase online or in-person, our Visa/Master card makes it easy to spend your crypto securely and hassle-free.

Available across the Globe

Our decentralized Visa/Master card is available across the globe, with wallet and card availability in over 170 countries. Whether you're traveling or conducting business internationally, you can access your funds and spend your crypto with ease.

And with over 60 million Visa merchants worldwide, our platform makes it simple to use your card wherever you go. From online shopping to in-store purchases, you can enjoy the convenience of our Visa card wherever Visa is accepted.

Spendable but safe

At our platform, we understand that safety and security are top priorities when it comes to managing your crypto funds. That's why our decentralized Visa card is designed to be both spendable and safe.

Our Card Fund storage is decentralized and audited through a smart contract, which means that your funds are protected from any centralized control or manipulation. And with our Web3 Login and other advanced security features, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your funds are always secure.

So whether you're making a small or large purchase, you can spend your crypto confidently and safely with our decentralized Visa card. Join our community of users who trust our platform to keep their funds secure, while still enjoying the convenience of spending their crypto wherever Visa is accepted.

Select your payment network

We understand that our users have different preferences when it comes to payment networks and currencies. That's why our decentralized Visa card allows you to choose your payment currency and network, giving you full control over your funds.

With just a few clicks, you can switch between payment networks like the BNB Chain and other available networks, depending on your needs and preferences. This makes it easy to use your preferred currency and network for all your purchases, no matter where you are in the world.

Guides: Jump right in

Follow our handy guides to get started on the basics in a jiffy:

Starting From KYCCreating Prepaid Card and Paying Monthly FeeTop Up Prepaid Card and Use for Purchasing/Spending

Supported Networks and AssetsPackages, Limits, Cash-back & FeesContract Addresses

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